ChenBaekXi was criticized for not paying IP usage fees to SM for 6 months

[Exclusive] ChenBaekXi, does not pay IP usage fee to SM for 6 months… There will be another dispute

According to the music industry on the 14th, INB100, ChenBaekXi’s management company, did not pay SM any royalties for IP, including music and names, from January to June

1. They are worse than the two Chinese

2. Wow, the IP usage fee is even included in the 10%…? No, why do they live like that??????

3. ChenBaekXi, I guess you’re so crazy about money that you can’t see anything

4. I wish SM could stop those idiots from using anything related to IP

5. What is certain is that SM wants to protect EXO more than those three members

6. I don’t know about others,but I think SM’s welfare is so good because Chen can still work even after getting married

7. I feel sorry for SM

8. No, they perform without paying royalties?

9. Where is their conscience?

10. Huh.. You don’t sing EXO songs at your solo concert??

11. Please pay the IP usage fee, are they beggars?

12. No, they even used the concept of super powers during Baekhyun’s concert. Do they have a conscience?

13. Why did they hold a press conference?

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