Chinese fans are going crazy after BTS V’s Celine campaign ad was posted

It is said that the campaign started in China

It was also revealed on China’s Weibo….

1. Taehyung is so cool

2. No, V is so cool, I want to buy it too

3. I didn’t care about Celine but I started to care after V became an ambassador

4. But V is seriously handsome. I admire him… He’s a work of art. This campaign will soon be deployed in Korea

5. Wow, the photo is amazing, he looks like a professional foreign model

6. V’s Chinese fans are also so rich….. If I could save more money, I would buy one too ㅠ

7. Celine and V are so cool

8. Daebak! V is really cool, looks like a professional model

9. I also want to see the campaign in Korea

10. His fans are amazing

11. V is so cool! I can see the influence of V~

12. I’m jealous of people who have that much money

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