Chinese kids terrorize NewJeans’ Instagram

The reason is because they appeared in the video promoting ‘Hanji’…

“The technology of paper production belongs to China, but the problem is that NewJeans appears in this promotional video, trying to steal it as if it were the unique culture of Korea. They posted comments like ‘Papermaking is a Chinese invention’ and ‘Koreans should not steal Chinese culture’.”

That post has nothing to do with ‘Hanji’, but they terrorize NewJeans under that post

1. I’m glad there are no Chinese members in NewJeans, I really hate China

2. Why is China always like that?

3. It’s obvious that they’re obsessed with Korea, so that’s funny

4. After all, they are too stupid

5. I bet they think the beginning of humanity also originated in China

6. NewJeans kids wearing hanbok are also pretty, it suits them so well

7. Paper was invented in China, but Hanji is Korean

8. They can’t even tell the difference between Hanji and paper-making

9. What I love more about NewJeans is that they don’t have Chinese or Japanese members

10. They even say that the alphabet and pyramid are theirs

11. Can’t you tell the difference between Hanji and paper-making?

12. NewJeans shows signs of becoming world stars

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Hybe seem very patriotic as koreans. I dont think they care as much about china anymore. They know very well china can easily cancel idols. Plus, it seem that ever since BTS, kpop fans in china n china companies seem trying to block hybe artists from getting popular there.


You won’t really know if they care or not


Considering HYBE has always completely ignored whatever controversy springs up in China, like they did when BTS had that speech controversy about the US-South Korea relationship during the North Korean War where China aided North Korea, I seriously doubt they care if China cancels their groups. It’s not as if any of their groups promote there (China literally has their unofficial Hallyu ban already; what more can they do to bully Korean companies into paying them attention?). Chinese fans will support no matter what so it doesn’t matter in the end.


They don’t care about China but they care for sales and charts. I wonder what will happen if charts like billboard china will be back and ifpi will count also china’s sales.


The Chinese music market is still much smaller than the US and Japan (Hybe’s primary targets abroad) and barely larger than South Korea. I doubt Hybe gives a fuck rn. And unless Billboard US will count China sales/streams (will never ever happen ever), they won’t bother because we all know popularity in China doesn’t transcend borders as much as success in the US.


not really patriotic, but i suppose most companies under hybe do not prioritize the chinese market because they do not promote there.


i’m so tired of these useless culture wars

based misandrist

i’m tired of koreans acting haughty when they still ride on the coattails of americans


But you’re not tired of the irony of the Chinese claiming plagiarism here and there and stealing from them etc etc when copyright violation is rampant in that country as well as them claiming territories that aren’t theirs? Sit down.

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