Collection of BLACKPINK luxury brand outfits at their concert in Paris

Jisoo – Dior

Jennie – Chanel

Rosé – Saint Laurent

Lisa – Celine

I want Chanel

1. Saint Laurent and Celine ㅠㅠ

2. Chanel Jennie is crazy

3. Saint Laurent’s outfit is so pretty

4. I can’t choose, they’re all pretty

5. For me it’s Saint Laurent and Celine

6. Every detail of Chanel is pretty

7. Some outfits look like swimwear

8. Except for Jisoo, they all look so revealing and uncomfortable

9. I think Chanel is the best

10. I think Rosé’s outfit is the best!!

11. Jisoo is so pretty

12. They are really celebrities

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