Comparison of HYBE’s new girl group ‘ILLIT’ and NewJeans

Comparison of HYBE’s new girl group ‘ILLIT’ and NewJeans



1. Wow, I thought the first photo was NewJeans, but I didn’t recognize their faces, but it’s not NewJeans

2. It is noisy marketing

3. These are long-standing concepts for female teen idols since the SES era

4. I think it’s different from NewJeans

5. Even though I like NewJeans, posts like this are annoying

6. Is everything NewJeans?

7. It’s like NewJeans, only with different seasons. Are there any singers who were not influenced by NewJeans?

8. Wow, I thought the 5 people in the first photo were NewJeans

9. Whenever a girl group debuts, they always call it NewJeans, I don’t think NewJeans and Min Heejin would think the same

10. I just wish people would stop mentioning NewJeans in posts about other idols

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