Compose Coffee drink that increased sales significantly thanks to BTS V mentioning it

‘Citron tea’, which V said in an interview is his favorite drink on Compose Coffee’s menu, saw a sales rate increase of about 72% in two days compared to the same period last year last after the video was pre-released on the 8th


1. I also bought it while thinking about Taehyung

2. 72%, this is amazing. I don’t even know what Compose is doing, but I’ve been going there a lot lately because of V

3. I need to drink this

4. I also tried Compose because it was promoted by V!

5. There is a picture of V on the door and it really attracts me!

6. Thanks to V, I learned about the Compose brand

7. I also drank it

8. I don’t know but he looks so handsome

9. It’s a brand I didn’t know about, but I first learned about it thanks to V. The waffles and coffee are delicious

10. I found out that Compose is across the street from my house thanks to V

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