Compose Coffee revealed a new photo of BTS V but netizens only paid attention to this

Compose Coffee x BTS V NEW photo

1. Wow why is he so pretty? I often go to Compose because of V

2. He’s so pretty, his hands are pretty too

3. Taehyung is so pretty

4. Ah, I like these photos more and more. He’s so cute ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. He looks cool in a blue shirt

6. Not only is his face pretty, but his hands are also so pretty

7. They changed the shirt color

8. His fingers are so pretty

9. His hands are also so pretty

10. This guy has pretty hands

11. Even his hands are pretty, a handsome man

12. I really like V and think he’s handsome, but I feel like Compose is bad at color grading and coordination

13. I want to say he has pretty fingers

14. Did he change from a pink shirt to a blue shirt? I feel comfortable every time I use Compose

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