Contestant who participated in the new audition show looks like NewJeans Minji (Universe Ticket)

Universe Ticket contestant Bang Yunha (born 2009)

1. She’s pretty but she doesn’t look like Minji at all

2. She’s pretty and reminds me of another idol, but I don’t see Minji from her

3. Aside from her straight hair, there’s nothing like Minji

4. I can’t really see Minji, but she’s pretty

5. She looks more like Kazuha than Minji

6. No, she’s just pretty in her own way

7. They don’t look alike.. NewJeans Minji?

8. Are all women with long black hair without bangs Minji?

9. I can’t see Minji

10. I’m not sure about Minji but she looks like Yeonwoo

11. She looks like Yeonwoo

12. She looks more like Park Min Young than Minji

13. As soon as I saw her, I thought of Yeonwoo

14. Reminds me of Yeonwoo

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