Controversy about RIIZE Wonbin’s height

Controversy about RIIZE Wonbin’s height

The pictures from yesterday

Sungchan, Anton, Wonbin

Anton, Wonbin

Sungchan, Wonbin

Sohee, Wonbin

Group picture

Winter, Karina, Wonbin, Shotaro

Real life picture

He’s definitely not 175.. If I’m being nice, he’s 170

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1. [+290, -63] I think the issue has more to do with his body proportions than his height

2. [+201, -63] He’s short, his proportions aren’t good, his face is normal, so why is he the center?

3. [+201, -44] I already knew but it still feels new

4. [+126, -31] Sungchan Wonbin

5. +104, -16] I don’t think he’s 170

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