Controversy over ATEEZ winning 1st place on Music Bank over Aespa and NewJeans

Controversy over 1st place on Music Bank

There is controversy about ATEEZ being outside the top 100 on the music chart, beating Aespa at 1st and NewJeans at 2nd and 3rd on the music chart and winning 1st place on Music Bank. What do you think?

[+432, -65]

1. [+166, -26] It’s been a while since Music Bank lost its credibilityㅋㅋ

2. [+156, -19] Who is ATEEZ? This is my first time hearing their name

3. [+148, -16] Music Bank just came down to The Show or Show Champion level

4. [+131, -28] ATEEZ’s broadcast score is about 3,000 points, but Aespa’s score is about 1,000 points. How exactly ATEEZ song was played more than Aespa’s ‘Supernova’? Music Bank never changed their rigged system since the Lim Young Woong incident in the past

5. [+87, -6] Wow, which song won 1st place with 19 digital points???

6. [+82, -125] Supernova is at its 3rd week while ATEEZ came back last week so that scoring actually makes sense. In other words, ATEEZ’s broadcast score has to be higher because they have been appearing in KBS shows in the past week to promote their latest comeback. I know y’all are upset because some random boy group won but don’t jump to conclusions

7. [+47, -54]

8. [+44, -5] I have not been trusting them since the time they gave 1st place to LE SSERAFIM instead of Lim Young Woong

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