Critic Kim Do Heon comments on LE SSERAFIM Coachella

Critic Kim Do Heon comments on LE SSERAFIM Coachella

“What is expected at Coachella is not a ‘perfect song’ but a dynamic look that can only be showcased at that festival. Planning is needed to cover up weaknesses and promote strengths”

1. He’s on mute and just looking at the screen, right?

2. This is the person who criticized BLACKPINKㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Isn’t this the same person who criticized BLACKPINK Coachella?

4. He said BLACKPINK sings badly, but this time he said they need a dynamic look more than a perfect song.. Well, it’s not a good review article after all

5. Is he a critic…?

6. Wow… what he said to BLACKPINK wasn’t a malicious comment disguised as criticism… ?

7. This is the first time I’ve seen a critic who can’t stay neutral

8. What he wrote to BLACKPINK was almost a malicious comment

9. It’s similar to Kim Sejeong’s comment at the audition show

10. He was the one who criticized BLACKPINK’s Coachella… ? No, seriously, what happened to his ears?

11. Wow, what did he criticize BLACKPINK for? What happened to HYBE?

12. You expect BLACKPINK’s perfect voice, but you say that LE SSERAFIM doesn’t need to have a perfect voice?

13. He should not be called a critic

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