Cube terminated former (G)I-DLE member Soojin’s exclusive contract after knowing the results of the investigation

Cube terminates former (G)I-DLE member Soojin’s exclusive contract… “The result of the investigation is that the accuser is not guilty”

On the afternoon of March 5, Cube Entertainment released an official statement, “We would like to notify that our exclusive contract with artist Seo Soojin has been terminated”

Cube continued, “The result of the investigation is that the accuser is not guilty. We respect the police’s decision”

1. Her fans thought she would join (G)I-DLE again, but it turns out she’s a bully

2. Did she even sue the victim? She’s crazy

3. What? Is she still under contract with Cube? Anyway, now she’s leaving the agency..

4. Soojin filed a complaint against the victim? I’m so shocked

5. Wow, there was no apology from her until the end

6. But it’s crazy that other groups whose members are bullies are still doing well

7. Wow.. She even sued the victim..?

8. I don’t want to see her anymore

9. So she even sued the victim? Wow seriously

10. Has she apologized to the victim? She’s so trash

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