Current situation in Seoul today, two days before BTS Jungkook’s birthday

Big billboard

Subway line 1-8


3,400 CU convenience stores nationwide + 7-Eleven

1208 Olive Young branches nationwide

The area around HYBE is almost completely covered

The event is so cute..


In the newspaper on his birthday

Two days left until Jungkook’s birthday, the situation is “Everywhere is Jungkook”

Happy birthday to Jungkook

1. I want to go there, why don’t I live in Seoul?

2. I want to go to Seoul, it will be fun

3. Wow the scale is crazy

4. His class is amazing

5. Wow, the scale is no joke

6. The sincerity of the fans is amazing

7. Is he 26 years old? Hulโ€ฆ He got everything but he’s still in his 20s

8. Happy birthday to Jungkookie!!

9. Everything is so beautiful, Jungkook must be so happy..!

10. It’s a festival

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