Current status of 3 SNSD members who left Korea on the same day with their own schedules

Taeyeon and Yoona will attend Louis Vuitton/Miu Miu Paris Fashion Week

Yuri is taking photos in London

1. Yoona is seriously crazy

2. I want to meet Yoona in real life… She’s definitely a goddess..?

3. Yoona and Yuri are so pretty

4. Yuri is always pretty

5. SNSD members are working so hard and they are amazing

6. Yoona is perfect

7. SNSD members are doing so well

8. Why is Yoona not aging…?

9. Wow, they’re all pretty, as expected from SNSD

10. Yoona gets prettier every time I see her

11. Yuri has the vibes of an actress

12. Yoona’s style is so good

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