Dahyun is the first member of TWICE to challenge acting

[Exclusive] TWICE’s first acting movie… Dahyun, acting challenge

TWICE Dahyun is in talks to making her acting debut in the upcoming independent film ‘Speed’, directed by Lee Seung Hoon

If Dahyun is cast, she will also become the first member of TWICE to enter into the acting field

‘Speed’ is described as a sports/drama genre

1. Wow, now TWICE is acting too

2. Hul, is this our Dahyun?

3. I’m looking forward to it because she’s a member who is so talented

4. Wow, I was even more surprised when TWICE finally appeared as actresses for the first time

5. I think Dahyun will do well

6. Thinking about Dahyun’s acting in the MV makes me so excited!!!

7. She’s filming an independent film, I think Dahyun will suit it so well

8. She acts so well in MVs

9. Looks like she’ll do well

10. This is her first acting attempt in an independent film so I hope our Dahyun will do well

11. Oh our Dahyun, fighting!

12. Somehow I think she will do well

13. I think she will do well because she has diverse facial expressions

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