Damage suffered by RIIZE members due to their recent controversies

Current situation of the RIIZE dolls being sold out

RIIZE Shotaro – sold out
RIIZE Eunseok
RIIZE Sungchan – sold out
RIIZE Wonbin – sold out
RIIZE Sohee – sold out

1. There’s no way there won’t be any damage

2. They have to release a statement at this point. These two’s birthdays are coming so what will they do?

3. It’s not like they can cancel their orders.. How did it happen?

4. How much is this? If it’s cheap then I want to buy it

5. Anton’s fans don’t seem to have much connection and it seems like his fans are not loyal

6. No but.. so they even canceled their doll orders..

7. Anton?? What happened?

8. But Eunseok didn’t sell it all, I was wondering whether to buy it or not the day before the incident, but I didn’t buy it so I knew it wasn’t sold out

9. What is controversy??

10. It’s hard for them not to get hit by this

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