Danielle’s older sister from NewJeans makes netizens wonder if she has debuted as a singer yet

Danielle’s older sister from NewJeans is currently being asked if she has debuted as a singer yet

The name of the singer who sang that OST is Gyuna

Foreigners told her to become a top singer like her sister

Among the people named Gyuna, there is someone whose sister is a top singer

NewJeans Danielle sister’s real name (Mo Gyuna)

1. If you combine that name with her last name, it seems like there is no one with the same name

2. Wow daebak

3. The name Danielle is a common name, but her sister’s name is so special

4. The name is so unique

5. But she has dual citizenship, I thought Daniel was a foreigner because there are foreign members in NewJeans

6. I know Danielle’s mother and sister are in Korea, I guess that’s true


8. Danielle sings well so I think she will sing well too

9. Her voice is somewhat similar to Danielle’s

10. This name is so unique, I don’t think there is anyone with the same name in Korea

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