Did HYBE purposely create a war between ARMYs vs CARATs to distract from Le Sserafim’s controversial Coachella stage?

HYBE’s groups are stuck in a deep live vocal controversy due to Le Sserafim’s Coachella performances.

Many netizens have been showing their deep dislike in the way HYBE is not able to train their vocalists with regards to live singing. This controversy sparked up with ILL-IT’s encore performances and reached a climax during Le Sserafim’s performances. 

It even made it to the Korean news:

Surprisingly, right before Le Sserafim’s second Coachella performance, a new controversy showed up which was involving BTS and Seventeen.

MBC claimed that Seventeen built the HYBE building which made Army’s very angry since HYBE was founded due to BTS’s huge success. 

K-netizens and BTS fans are getting mad about MBC saying that HYBE built up by SEVENTEEN

Many Netizens wonder if HYBE deliberately set Seventeen up and wanted to anger ARMYs & Netizens to distract from a second possible hate wave towards Le Sserafim.

What is your opinion?

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