“Did they change their coordi?” STAYC’s outfits for ‘Bubble’ showcase

STAYC’s outfits for ‘Bubble’ showcase

The song will be released on 2023.08.16 Wed 6PM (KST)

The showcase will be held at Lotte World from 6:30pm today!!

The Showcase outfits suit them so well, I hope they wear them again during promotions

1. Wow they are princesses

2. Sieun’s hair suits her so well, she’s so pretty

3. Did they change their coordi? They’re the prettiest I’ve ever seen

4. Seeun’s hair color is perfect

5. They all look like princesses, they’re so pretty

6. STAYC, I hope they hit the daebak this time!!!!!

7. Wow, they’re taller than I thought

8. Wow, they are all really different and pretty

9. Wow, the prettiest STAYC I’ve ever seen, I’m looking forward to it

10. Hul Sumin suits platinum hair so well

11. Wow Sumin’s hair color is so pretty, all 6 of them are pretty

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