Did V’s fanbase decrease since his romance with Jennie?

Jennie and V first sparked dating rumors in 2022. Throughout the years the couple was spotted in multiple spots vacationing and enjoying time together. 

A minority of fans including Vkookers and Jenlisas have denied the rumors and claimed the pictures and videos were fake. Thus most of their fans accepted that they are dating and wished the couple all the best. Netizens described them as a powerful couple.

It is noticeable how V’s success also decreased since the dating rumors. While having the most promising solo career pre-2022 his achievements are overshadowed by fellow teammates like Suga, Jimin or Jungkook. 

Many fans are underwhelmed by his solo tracks and disappointed in his brand choices. 

Some have also criticized him for dating and being used by Jennie from Blackpink. 

Do you agree?

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