Dior posts their clarification on their domestic ambassadors on Instagram

Global ambassador BLACKPINK Jisoo

Global ambassador BTS Jimin

Ambassador Kim Yuna

Ambassador Han So Hee

Ambassador NewJeans Haerin

Ambassador Kim Minha

Ambassador TXT

Ambassador Cha Eunwoo

Ambassador Jung Hae In

Ambassador Lomon

1. When I think of Dior, I only think of Jisoo and Yuna

2. All I can think of is Dior = Yuna

3. Jisoo is perfect for Dior

4. But when I think of Dior, the first thing that comes to mind is Kim Yuna

5. The only people who are popular around the world are the global ambassadors, BTS and BLACKPINK

6. When it comes to Dior, I buy a lot of cosmetics because of Kim Yuna

7. Since Jisoo and Jimin are popular all over the world, they should be global ambassadors

8. Everyone except Jisoo and Cha Eunwoo will leave

9. Cha Eunwoo is so cool

10. Wow… Han So Hee is crazy, I thought she was a doll

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