DIPE failed to report on Lisa’s single comeback. Is YG still mad she left?

Recently Dispatch has been using DIPE with the goal of achieving international status on kpop viral news and rumors, like Pop Base and Pop Crave, reason why it’s their only account posting in english for international fans. What is curious is both Lisa and G-Dragon had big news this week and DIPE failed to report both for international fans on this official SNS.

And both are the biggest IPs YG lost the past year, especially for their strong presence in China YG has no idea how to replace. Lisa’s solo debut is not convenient to them, because if she gets a solo tour soon, the Blackpink contract will expire and the promised comeback won’t happen.

It’s not like fans are missing of something big, due to DIPE’s serious problems of edition of articles and rubbish english on their website, they just misgendered Hyun Bin on a new article multiple times.

Instead of posting about Lisa’s new single that is coming in days, DIPE reposted a clickbait article written by Jisu Kim from a questionable source, that happens to pretend to be a shipper, about her allegued relationship with Frederic Arnault with a title including the word “kissing” that was debunked on their own article as such evidence doesn’t exist.

Makes us wonder why with all their experience in stalking and getting exclusive photos of couples, DIPE has to post clickbait titles for international fans now? Is YG still angry by the fact it could have been Frederic, as a friend, who warned Lisa how the contract renewal conditions weren’t good?

How fitting the rumors about Lisa started once she confirmed the company she wasn’t renewing the contract and got her own team, even after YG tried to drag the news for months she was already out preparing her own company and casting preparations for an acting debut.

But what is even more concerning is Lisa’s silence and in some ocassions, even using some distractions to make the public think that rumor is true.

A question many of us hope to understand in the future is, why Lisa has let Dispatch spread misinformation? As CEO releasing a statement would be so easy.

Is it easier having them to release fake news she can deal with instead of some big truth?