Disagree with the fact that 4th generation male idols don’t have hit songs

Disagree with the fact that 4th generation male idols don’t have hit songs

TXT – Sugar Rush Ride, Run Away
ENHYPEN – Polaroid Love
Treasure – Darari
Stray Kids – Back Door, Thunderous
ATEEZ – Wave
Cravity – Breathing, Cloud 9

Why are you guys saying that 4th generation male idols don’t have hit songs?

Only on Pann 4th generation male idols are considered flops

[+55, -640]

1. [+402, -15] Even if you put all these songs together, it’s not even as popular as Kep1er’s Wadada

2. [+211, -1] You don’t know the definition of hit song?

3. [+182, -5] This is my first time hearing the names of these songs

4. [+128, -1] Are those hit songs?

5. [+66, -0] This post is the worst…

6. [+60, -7] Do you know what a hit song is like?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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some 4th gen groups have some gems tbh but since gps not tuning in and their fans also seems like they put so much works in buying albums than streaming so there’s that. probably because they prioritize collecting pcs or fansign events?

I stan bts obviously but I keep up with almost every kpop releases cause I love it and been doing it since 2009 so recently I came across kick it 4 now by tnx, it’s a group from Psy and the song is good tho, the concept is nice too, def a song that will be loved by k-gps but since they’re a bg and they still have like 100 fans, I think this song will get buried just like that


I watched the mv . The song is good 👍

Seungri Oppa ❤️

They forgotten Seungri Oppa ❤️ released a massive hit song as 4th Gen Boy Group. Songs such as Super, Set Me Free, Hype Boy, Kitsch and others.


there’s a difference with songs being known among fans and songs that became hits.


all flop songs that no one other than their fans know and listen to


Hit songs where though? Bc none of those are hit songs

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