Dispatch reveals LE SSERAFIM’s group photos as a 5-member group

LE SSERAFIM’s new group photos by Dispatch have been released

1. Eunchae attracts meㅋㅋ She’s so cute

2. Kazuha and Yunjin are the center, so they look good

3. Princess Yunjin… She’s so pretty..

4. I think it’s good that they keep changing the center

5. The 5 member group is definitely better

6. Kim Chaewon is so pretty

7. Seeing this, they look the most stable when Yunjin is the center

8. The vibe is different depending on who is at the center.. Daebak

9. Kazuha’s beauty is really crazy

10. They’re pretty but their clothes aren’t good.. Coordi, what’s wrong?

11. I think Kazuha should be the center

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