Dispatch says that Jungkook ‘Seven’ plagiarism controversy is nonsense

[Exclusive] “Jungkook’s plagiarism controversy is nonsense”… ‘Seven’ vs ‘Time of Mask’, track analysis

1. Is that person still stubborn?

2. It was one of the most ridiculous plagiarism controversies I’ve ever seen in my life

3. I thought it was a comedy

4. I like ‘Time of Mask’ so I’ve listened to it hundreds of times but they’re completely different, I don’t understand why they’re making accusations of plagiarism

5. HYBE, please sue that composer

6. These two songs are completely different so I understand why

7. That composer should have explained Spice Girls first

8. Why would those famous composers plagiarize old K-pop music they didn’t even know about?

9. That musician wrote a song 15 years ago, and since Jungkook is doing so well, he’s trying to put them together somehow

10. Do you really think that famous foreign composers know about ‘Time of Mask’?

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