Do you think (G)I-DLE is doing better after Soojin left?

I thought the group would look empty, but now the number of members is odd so the group looks more stable, and Shuhua has more parts now

Personally, I think Minnie and Yuqi are legendary this time

I’m not a fan but I saved this picture

[+303, -40]

1. [+154, -12] Rather than looking empty, their image looks more luxurious

2. [+131, -5] I agree, to be honest, I thought they would look empty, but their presence is stronger… Looks like Yuqi and Minnie are filling her position well

3. [+82, -107] Instead of talking about bull$hit, you should listen to their songs or do something

4. [+62, -55] Yuqi = supports the Communist Party / Soyeon = Plagiarism controversy

5. [+44, -13] An ugly gangster left the group, how can you feel empty?…

6. [+40, -1] I don’t feel empty at all

7. [+35, -1] I didn’t even think about her while watching their MV

8. [+22, -29] Just kick the idol who plagiarized out of the group now!

9. [+19, -3] Their average visuals increased and they look much better

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