Do you think it’s correct that female idol groups need Japanese members these days?


1. I think there will be more groups without Japanese members

2. The reason they debuted the Japanese members was not because of their popularity in Korea, just the world’s second largest market is right next door, so they need Japanese members to easily enter the Japanese market

3. Personally, I don’t think groups need to have Japanese members, but if they have a foreign member, I feel they will get more attention overseas

4. Are you talking about Aespa, IVE, and LE SSERAFIM?

5. There are a lot of 4th generation Japanese members, so you may feel the same way, but I don’t think this is important

6. Hmm, nowadays there are a lot of famous girl groups with Japanese members, but they are not that popular because they have Japanese members

7. There are some Japanese members who are so popular in the 4th generation, but even without them, it doesn’t seem to have any impact at all

8. Are you talking about the 4th generation when it comes to female idols these days?

9. It’s just that they want to make money in Japan

10. I disagree

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