Does LE SSERAFIM have surpassed Jimin at delivering the worst encore?

The encore stage for 1st place on music shows is holding back idols. As the place to be congratulated and enjoyed by fans has changed to the place to judge idols’ singing skills, it seems that the anxiety and pressure about the encore stage is increasing.

The noise was bigger for Jimin because he is himself a member of BTS a bigger group than LE SSERAFIM. Also he was criticised because some members like Seokjin got themselves a vocal coach after debut to improve and would practice during his free time so every performance we watched him improve. They dont get why Jimin didn’t do that when they had the same schedule for years. Also the worst is when Knets find out that Jimin’s rebroadcasted encore stage has been post-edited to sound better than the original live encore stage. So yes he still hold the worst encore stage before TWICE and LE SSERAFIM.