Does this person really look like Karina?

Does this person really look like Karina?

Do you think that they look alike? Karina of Sungkyunkwan University appeared on the air this time

1. They don’t look alike at all

2. Sakura?

3. She looks like Sakura in the first photo

4. Why does this person keep being called Karina? She really doesn’t look like her at all

5. She seems pretty, but I don’t know if she looks like Karina or not;

6. It’s true that she’s pretty but she doesn’t look like Karina at all

7. No, they really don’t look alike, but she looks like Sakura. I really don’t see Karina at all

8. Rather, she looks like Sakura

9. I really don’t know, but I don’t understand why they say the two of them look alike

10. I’m not sure about Karina, but the first photo reminds me of Sakura

11. I really do not know

12. She looks like Sakura, not Karina

13. I met Karina in real life and if she stood next to Karina, people would say she looks like Karina

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