Does TWICE Nayeon’s coordi refer to Jennie’s style?

Jennie on Lee Hyori’s show? It was exactly the same as what she was wearing

1. Isn’t this a style commonly worn as stage outfits?

2. The styling is similar, including hair details, shoes and flowers!

3. Especially Nayeon’s outfit reminded me of Jennie as soon as I saw it so I immediately thought of it!

4. I think I saw this style on Sunmi a few years ago, isn’t it so popular?

5. I wondered what style it was, but as soon as I saw it, I knew what you were talking about

6. It’s the trendy style these days

7. Don’t take advantage of Jennie

8. Anyone can think that Jennie is the founder of fashion after seeing this post

9. That’s just a coincidence

10. I don’t know

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