“Don’t you dare mess with SM artists. Don’t make us curse at HYBE artists” SM fans send protest truck in front of HYBE

Protest trucks in front of HYBE

1. ??? Whether HYBE takes over SM or not there’s no reason to criticize HYBE’s artists, are they crazy?

2. I don’t like HYBE either, but why do they use words like that???

3. What is this? Why do I feel so embarrassed? Seriously, What is this?

4. Are they still living in 2013? Don’t touch HYBE artists


“Don’t you dare mess with SM artists. Don’t make us curse at HYBE artists” Are they preschool kids? Are they threatening HYBE artists?

6. Looks like they have a lot of money.. They should buy SM stock with that money instead

7. As expected, it’s all SM’s karma

8. Are they real fans? They are so stupid

9. SM did wrong things, but why are they taking their anger out on HYBE?

10. Are they threatening HYBE artists? These SM fans still seem to be living in 2013

11. Seeing this, I want HYBE to take over SM and change their name

12. Wow, they crossed the line

13. Why are HYBE artists cursed?

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“don’t make us curse at hybe artists” 😟 they really out here acting like its still 2013


They’re showing their true intentions of not supporting hybe but accepting kakao’s hand who’s also doing “monopoly” lmao they just hate that they’re using BTS money whom they’ve been cursed for years to help themselves 😭😭😭 they don’t care about their own artists or music they just don’t wanna be under BTS’s company lmaooo


they be acting like they aren’t cursing at hybe artists on daily basis on pann lmaoo


that’s all Kakao management could come up with?

Korea sure loves Chinese money, huh.

They’re called mini-China for a reason I guess.

Slave mentality is hard to get rid of, I see.


I hope hybe win and get rid all of sm groups. Less toxic stan


That’s stupid. They’re not gonna do that.


They have been cursing BTS for years for being better and more successful than all their groups full of useless people and what have they achieved? Only that Bangtan is even more successful.

sm stan = pathetic




From the executive to their fans. A whole bunch of clown 🤡


I saw this few days ago lol so childish & cringey 😂 hybe artist & fans doesn’t really care about this issue tbvh

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oh they really hate BTS mfkfkdfjsksjdjdkd but they’ve been cursing at Hybe artists anyway even before this whole thing started so meh


I understand the frustration but what crime did hybe artists commit when they’re also victims in this mess ?


lmaoooo this is PATHETIC


No bc they already have been doing that soooo






As they should, hybe’s greed know no ends


🤡= you

White cat

This gave me the same energy like exol protesting cause their fav got married and have kids. 🤣🤣🤣

yocoochi smells

good lord these imbeciles are hopeless


oh no how dare they send a truck!! so scary!!!


Scary is that Jungkook pfp you got there 😂

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says the one who stans nct lol


scary is that nct in your dn


Omg this is so embarrassing 🫣 in the first place it’s so embarrassing to be a company stan and second, my god they really be living in the old times 😳


i think it’s actually a good thing if sm artists join hybe. red velvet might actually get a us label and get their gold certifications (only sm artist that can)

yocoochi smells

if that happens hybe better know how to handle a toxic shock


I cannot imagine spending my hard earned money on something as useless as this. Some people really need to go touch some grass


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Seeing all the hate media play against HYBE made by Kakao and SM, I wouldn’t be surprised if this situation is also made by Kakao, SM, not SM fans. Sm treat their artists so badly that you have to be not only biassed but simply blind to protect SM as a company


No…its sm fans. Kakao is sending legal letters to ppl speaking on this situation on youtube


Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they were doing both. Making themselves to look like the “reasonable” party by sending letters with their names, while doing mediaplay like this anonymously.


True. It’s very telling that all the official news about SM getting investigated for stock fraud and illegal contracts isn’t being discussed on theqoo or pann, but every little negative speculation about Hybe is lol


Such pathetic move omg second hand embarrassment


Why don’t you all make a petition too to the blue house like in the past? ROFL

Logic Thinker

This is so cringe… even SOLO Stans stopped doing this stuff ahahah and you know why they were funded by Chinese solos ahah

I know this is something from kakao/sm not even fans ☠️
Because if this is fans they live in 2013 ahah

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#10 & 11 get it


Praying HYBE pulls back and let the whole SM cult deal with Kakao and their slave contracts. That’s the only thing these cultists deserve.


experts said hybe failed to buy more but idk I hope kakao gets it so they backstabbed sm lol wouldn’t that be hilarious?


Oh, absolutely.

I’ve kind of seen why HYBE would’ve wanted to get in the way of Kakao acquiring SM; it would certainly do more good for the whole kpop community than making way for those thugs, but with the way SM and their “pink bloods” have been acting about this whole thing… ATP I’m just over them and wouldn’t mind seeing them gone once and for all lol 


“Dont make us curse hybe artists” LMAO uhhh they do that 24/7 since 2013. SM stans are SO freaking cringe this is pathetic.

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WhatsThe Point

Atl I want either of the 2 things to happen: hybe actually taking kpop stans allegations seriously and disbanding sm groups or kakao taking over sm while sm gives them all music rights and when kakao gets mad and removes the whole music catalogue🖕


This is so childish. Get a job. If I was working in Hybe , me and my colleagues would have laughed so much lol.


Wow SM really try to set up protest against Hybe to gain public support


they are dumb 😂😂😂

yocoochi smells

typical toxic sm stans, i hope that company gets gutted so these losers can get a life

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