Eric Nam posts pictures of him wearing skirt in New York on SNS

1. The ratio of the picture is so weird

2. No, why did they turn him into a dwarf? Who took the picture?

3. Is he in Scotland? Looks like the traditional clothes there

4. Was that picture taken by Getty Images???

5. It looks like the stage outfits of female idols

6. Eric Nam doesn’t seem to be promoting in Korea anymore, what a pity

7. The clothes are not the problem, but who took the picture?

8. Oh my god, that photographer is so bad

9. Who took this picture? Seriously, the picture is so bad

10. As expected, the Koreans are sincere with the pictures… All the comments are angry at the person who took the picture

11. I think it looks good because Eric Nam is wearing it

12. It’s a picture that Koreans absolutely hate. Who took this picture?

13. People care more about the angle than the skirt

14. I can’t believe it. Why did he post this on Instagram?

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Its not that bad tbh I expected worse

Jennifer Johnson

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give the skirt back to pigmin you thief !!!!


Why are they so pressed because the angle is not distorted as to make it look like his legs are unrealistically long and his head the size of a pea?

meow meow

no i kinda get them 😭 like to take full body pics ur supposed to leave a square above ur head so the pic is proportionate his head is at the top so he looks 4 ft tall


There’s literally 1/4 of the frame empty above his head in both photos. What are you talking about?


My homophobic fav jungcrook would never do such embarrassing things 😊

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