Eunchae, LE SSERAFIM’s maknae who is loved by the fans because she was so pretty today

1. Eunchae keeps getting into my eyes ㅠㅠㅠㅠ It’s nice that everyone knows that our maknae is so pretty!!!!

2. Reminds me of Yeri, she’s so pretty

3. I used to think she was cute, but today I was surprised that she’s really pretty

4. Reminds me of Kang Jiyoung

5. She’s cute and she’s the prettiest in the group, she and Kazuha are so pretty

6. She reminds me of Kang Jiyoung, she’s so cute and pretty

7. She looks like T-ara Soyeon, so cute

8. She’s so pretty. Her personality is pure and cute too

9. She makes good use of her expressions on stage

10. She’s pretty, her expressions are good and her face is so fresh

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Chaewon and kazuha are my faves


2. Reminds me of Yeri, she’s so pretty

I agree with this, but aint it funny how most articles here in Yeri herself are negative and never really acknowledge she’s pretty?


Whoever did her nose needs to be fired. Can’t focus on anything other than her nose.


it’s not like 99% of k-gp have forgotten abt garam, just that 99% of them have alr said their piece & aren’t gg to repeatedly post. but pannkpop keeps spamming these fan posts that are lit found in the grp’s thread (& every grp’s sub has these sorts of hype-y posts incl nugus like dkz, bugaboo, fanatics etc, just that pannkpop doesn’t want to translate). it’s just gg to attract those kboos who don’t go further than akp twitter & pannkpop/pc & get the gullible kboos to think just bc 0.1% are spamming fan hype posts, that the remaining 99% have ‘uncancelled’ them. cue the i-kboo crowd.


yep, she’s very pretty.. she’s still young, too, so she’s only going to get prettier.. her chubby cheeks are so cute..


I believe in strictly OT5.

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