Even without BTS as a full group, HYBE still has their dongsaeng TXT and LE SSERAFIM

Even without BTS as a full group, we still have their dongsaeng TXT and LE SSERAFIM

TXT and LE SSERAFIM were selected as ‘HIT Artist of the Month’ in the June issue of Mubeat Artist Report

1. ? Are you kidding me?

2. I’m sorry… But Source Music is different from Big Hit, so please stop…

3. Why is LE SSERAFIM always considered BTS’ dongsaeng? They’re just girls in the neighborhood that nobody has ever heard of

4. Is the reporter a fan of HYBE????????

5. Honestly, I think it’s true that HYBE doesn’t have anything other than BTS

6. They should kick Kim Garam out of the group first

7. I don’t care about TXT and I don’t like LE SSERAFIM, a school violence and right-wing group

8. I’m a fan of BTS, not a fan of HYBE, so I don’t care

9. BTS’s only dongsaeng is TXT

10. When I saw the title, I thought HYBE was talking to shareholdersㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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