Evidence suggests that Lisa’s album will be released soon

Lisa’s agency is doing so well, the album will be out soon

During the Q&A session celebrating Lisa’s birthday, she said that she wanted to release an album this year

She went to LA regularly from January to March this year so I guess she is preparing step by step

Her agency is also doing so well..

The birthday commemorative merchandise sold out in just a few minutes

Just because they upload a video, the number of subscribers is increasing a lot..

The dance video was also uploaded to the TikTok account, look at the number of views..

“BLACKPINK Lisa’s hashtag reached 100 billion views even without a TikTik account”

Tyla mentioned Lisa again in a recent interviewㅋㅋㅋ

During the Q&A, she mentioned Rosalia as a singer she would like to collaborate with

This is the second time she’s been mentioned so it looks like they’ll actually be collaborating..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I hope that this is a full album with 8 songs, including 2-3 collaborations

BLACKPINK will have a lot of solo products this year and will likely have a full comeback early next year

[+23, -7]

1. [+7, -0] I want that hat and hoodie but they are limited edition… I wish they would give us more, but I can’t find them

2. [+7, -0] All the goods are pretty and reasonably priced but I heard that there are only 327 because they are limited edition…

3. [+4, -0] I’m looking forward to Lisa’s album…. I’ve been expecting something big

4. [+1, -0] I want to listen to something other than Money ㅠㅠ Please

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