Except for BTS and Big Bang, boy groups can’t seem to make it in Melon’s yearly chart

People are expecting an extermination of boy group in Melon’s yearly chart

Expected ranking of Melon’s yearly chart from 2022 ~ now

Top 6~7: Big Bang ‘Still Life’
Top 30: BTS ‘Dynamite’
Top 33: BTS ‘Butter’
Top 41: BTS ‘Permission To Dance’
Top 58: BTS ‘My Universe’
Top 61: BTS ‘Spring Day’
Top 94: BTS ‘Boy With Luv’

There are only 2 groups that are predicted to make it in the top 100
Only Big Bang ‘Still Life’ was released in 2022

1. I don’t listen to male idol songs, but frankly speaking, male idol songs are not fun…

2. I don’t use Melonㅋㅋ I only listen to male idol songs on YouTube Music and Spotify

3. Didn’t BTS release their new song this year? I’m asking because I don’t know

4. Seriously, Big Bang is amazing

5. It’s weird that the difference between male and female idols is so big

6. Next year, if BTS and Big Bang don’t release new songs, there probably won’t be any boy groups

7. I really like BTS ‘Spring Day’, I don’t listen to male idol songs these days

8. Male idol songs are not good, most people don’t care about male idols

9. I don’t know male idols well.. I don’t listen to their songs because I don’t know

10. I guess you haven’t listened to BTS’ song that was released this year

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Bts. A group that never going down on the charts 🔥

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