Except for BTS and BLACKPINK, who are the popular idols in the US?

Who are the most popular idols in the US?

Except for BTS and BLACKPINK

1. I think it’s Stray Kids and ATEEZ

2. TWICE seems to be so popular in the US these days. Also, I don’t know any other idol other than BTS and BLACKPINK

3. Stray Kids? They got #1 on Billboard 200 this time

4. TWICE and Stray Kids

5. TWICE seems to be getting more and more responses in the US

6. I don’t know anyone other than BTS and BLACKPINK

7. Americans don’t like K-pop, they like BTS

8. Is BLACKPINK popular in the US?!?!

9. BTS is overwhelming and BLACKPINK is also popular, the other groups are not popular in the US

10. K-pop is not popular in the US.. Only K-pop fans know K-pop groups. BTS is the exception, they are popular with the public in the US

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