EXO Chen to hold ‘a late wedding ceremony’ in October

‘Father of two daughters’ EXO Chen to hold ‘a late wedding ceremony’ in October, 3 years after marriage + giving birth

According to Spotify News on the 16th, EXO’s Chen will hold a wedding ceremony with his wife in October

1. ChenBaekXi seems to just do everything they want to do

2. I’m not even a fan, but this is really too much

3. He has two daughters, but he hasn’t left the group yet?

4. Is this Joshua’s future?

5. The unpopular members of popular groups seem to have the most comfortable lives

6. He really doesn’t care about the fans

7. He has two daughters..?

8. I don’t want to know.. just leave the group

9. He really lives as he wants… He’s so shameless

10. He hasn’t had a wedding yet????

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