EXO members’ history of leaving the group

EXO members’ history of leaving the group

EXO debuted as a 12-member group in April 2012

Kris left the group in May 2014

Luhan left the group in October 2014

Tao left the group in April 2015

In January 2017, group activities were paused due to Lay’s personal schedule in China.

In January 2020, Chen announced that his wife was pregnant before marriage

-> Fans called for Chen to withdraw but SM ignored the request

In October 2020, controversy about Chanyeol’s private life was revealed

-> Fans asked him to leave the group but he immediately joined the army

Lay and SM’s exclusive contract expired in April 2022

Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin announced the cancellation of their exclusive contracts with SM in June 2023

As of 2024, EXO is a 5-member group

1. EXO is a survival group?

2. Wow.. The fans must have had a hard time, right?

3. The person who is sincere towards EXO is EXO-L.. They are trying to protect their memories, but the members are tearing them apart

4. This is too much… The fact that I have to go through something like this even though I like EXO in 2024… Is it my fault for still liking them?

5. Now I’m so tired

6. Looking at them like this, I’m really surprised that I was able to endure it until now…

7. Even if I become a grandmother, I’m still an EXO-L

8. I know ChenBaekXi is currently suing SM, but doesn’t that mean they will leave EXO?

9. The fans are really, really, really, really amazing.. I sincerely respect them

10. What I’m curious about is whether the members who left in 2014-2015 were famous in China or Korea at that time?

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