EXO Suho says idols nowadays are so lazy

“Idols nowadays are so lazy”… EXO Suho’s honest remark

During the fansign event, Suho said, “I didn’t think this event was something impressive. However, I thought I was doing everything. Idols nowadays are so lazy. Is it the company’s issue? The companies are getting bigger and the idol market is crowded, they don’t seem to care about every little detail anymore”

1. What does he think about the jokes he says?? Did he say his junior idols are so lazy? I think they communicate with the fans a lotㅋㅋㅋ

2. His fans are saying it’s a joke, but his joke is a bit rudeㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. I know it’s a joke, but does he really need to say something he shouldn’t?

4. Well, he can say something like that at that age..?

5. My idols are from the same generation as EXO, but his joke wasn’t funny at all. Idols always work hard. Why does he trample other people’s efforts?

6. I’m not a fan of Suho.. I’m not a fan of EXO either, but it’s weird that people are criticizing him for his joke

7. Really??? Wow… Who is he talking about? What does he know to say that?

8. I think idols nowadays do more fan service than EXO…

9. Is he trying to put the other idols down to boost his own ego?

10. It was a stupid joke. Other idols all work harder than EXO

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