EXO Suho speaks out about the conflict between ChenBaekXi and SM

EXO Suho “I learned about ChenBaekXi’s dispute through the article… I’m so sad and I apologize to the fans”

Recently, Suho did an interview at the end of MBN’s Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Missing Crown Prince’ at the SM Entertainment building in Seongdong-gu, Seoul.

On this day, Suho expressed confusion about the conflict between ChenBaekXi members and SM Entertainment, “The members had a press conference that day, and in fact, I first learned about the situation through an article.”

He continued, “We were also so embarrassed and upset. On top of that, EXO-L fans were upset because the same thing happened last year, and it seems like fans are also upset that the same thing happened again this year. I’m so sad, and that’s why, as EXO, I want to say my deepest apologies to the fans for something like this happening.”

1. Being the leader of EXO is really a hard job ㅠㅠ

2. The leader is having a hard time.. I feel so sorry for Suho and the people who are currently in the army

3. Suho worked so hard ㅜㅠ

4. Suho has been having a difficult time

5. Wow, he didn’t know.. In some ways, the members must have been more shocked than the fans

6. I really support Suho

7. EXO fans will be sad, but the fans who like Suho the most will be even sadder;;

8. I really hope the remaining members of EXO do well

9. Even the members don’t know ㅠㅠㅠ ChenBaekXi is really selfish

10. The remaining members of EXO are all bodhisattvas

11. Shouldn’t they at least talk to the leader?

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