EXO Xiumin’s advice on singing and dancing

“EXO Xiumin shared advice to SM trainees”

“To be honest, dancing isn’t that important. The most important thing is singing. If you’re not good at singing, no matter how good you are at dancing, you will look talentless.”

1. I agree

2. That’s right, nowadays there are a lot of singers who can’t sing but can only dance so they get criticized for their encore stage

3. That’s right, if you’re good at dancing, you should be a dancer, if you can’t sing, you’ll look pathetic

4. That’s right, idols are also singers

5. That’s why the main vocal is more important than the main dancer

6. That’s right, aren’t idols also singers?

7. If I look at the encore controversy these days, I wonder if they’re singers

8. Reminds me of Kang Daniel and Lee Chaeyeon

9. If you can’t sing, you don’t seem to have talent

10. Groups with many good dancers are more popular than groups that sing well or groups with many good singers

11. That’s right, even if you’re a good dancer, you’re not as good as a professional dancer

12. That’s right, you’re a singer, not a dancer

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