Explanation from the woman holding RIIZE Anton’s hand

Explanation from the woman holding Anton’s hand

1. Because he lives abroad, he seems to be so good at skinship with friends

2. I don’t understand why they pushed him into a romantic relationship just because of a picture of them holding hands, everyone can see that they are just childhood best friends and have known each other since childhood…

3. What crime did Anton and his friends really commit that warrants this explanation?

4. Damn, I feel sorry for Anton

5. Hul, is that a photo from last month? I thought it was a photo from before his debut;

6. Stop harassing Anton

7. These people don’t even live in Korea so this is probably their first time experiencing something like this

8. I feel sorry for her

9. I feel sorry for Anton ㅠㅠㅠㅜ

10. Please… Please live your life…

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