Fans criticize politicians for talking about BTS’ military service even after Jin’s enlistment announcement

BTS is about to enlist in the army… ‎Jeong Jin Seok “shows the patriotism of Korean youth”

Jeong Jin Seok, Chairman of the People’s Electricity Emergency Response Committee, “Jin, the oldest of the 7 members of BTS, has decided to enlist in the army. It ended the long-running debate about military service exemption. It is not only military service but also shows the patriotism of the youth of the Republic of Korea.”

1. Shut up

2. Does he want to be cursed by ARMYs?

3. He didn’t say anything wrong, but why are you guys commenting like that? It’s just a compliment

4. Honestly, I don’t like BTS, but I hope politicians stop talking about BTS’s military service

5. Politicians be quiet

6. So other idols don’t have patriotism?

7. Politicians stop mentioning BTS

8. The controversy is over. Who caused the controversy?

9. Leave BTS alone, I’m sure they’ll do well even after being discharged

10. Damn, don’t mention BTS

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