Fans of V are impersonating Scooter Braun and defaming Jungkook of BTS

A user on who likes Taehyung (V) of BTS has been impersonating Scooter Braun and defaming Jungkook of BTS for months.

But one is curious as to why when V has now gotten everything they only reserve hate for with Jungkook.

He’s had a collab with a western artist with radio (enter US Top 40), remixes (the fifth remix was just released on April 19th 2024) 2 week pre-orders with 4 versions released in advanced, Spotify/YouTube ads the list goes on. 

Is it because Jungkook succeeded and Taehyung underperformed that makes his solo fanbases develop amnesia to what Taehyung also received? 

Jungkook’s promoted primarily in the US and the UK but compared to Taehyung who chose to promote in South Korea and Japan, only Jungkook’s English songs that aren’t combined on Melon, Oricon etc have done better than him despite minimal effort. Even his non promoted Korean 2020 SoundCloud song “Still With You” that was uploaded on Spotify in July 2023 has charted better and higher than any promoted Taehyung pre-release and single.

The serious defamation and sexual edits being committed  and posted by V’s solo fanbase just because Jungkook is successful will surely not sit right with Taehyung who has received help from Jungkook and was very instrumental to Layover’s creation.

When will BigHit protect its artist, Jungkook, who has received vitriol from the BTS’ members akgaes and his own fandom “ARMY” since Seven?

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