Fans were confused and confessed their sins after reading BTS J-Hope’s handwritten letter

BTS J-Hope’s handwritten letter celebrating their 11th debut anniversary “Did you run with Sunjae or no?”

“How have you been all this time?
Are you eating well?
Are you sleeping well?
What are you interested in these days?
How has life been without us?
Is there anything you want to say to us when you meet us?
Honestly, did you cheat or not?
Did you run with Sunjae or no?”

1. I put my hand on my chest and I swear the only thing I really know is BTS

2. I didn’t event watch that drama

3. I don’t know Sunjae, I only know you Hobi

4. I feel like Hobi’s run away with Sunjae too, though

5. What is this? Hobi is cute and ARMYs are cute too

6. Sorry, it happened with Sunjae… but I didn’t run away with him. Is there any way to run away with both?

7. Hobi, I didn’t run or put him on my back or watch it… I was going to watch it.. but ah wait listen to me

8. BTS members are so cute

9. I’m confident because I didn’t watch it

10. Hobi, I may have blossomed a flower at night, but I didn’t run with Sunjae

11. Honestly, I almost did, but ended up not running away

12. Who is Sunjae? I swear I don’t know him

13. I’m confident because I didn’t watch it

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