Female idol who has the best fit for clothes chosen by the stylist

Who is the female idol who has the best fit for clothes?


Everyone knows that Rosé is really skinny and has a slender fit
People say that she’s much thinner in real life

BLACKPINK Rosé (Korean name: Park Chaeyoung)

Born on February 11, 1997

Her height is 168.7cm and her weight is 44kg

[+316, -95]

1. [+90, -101] …? There aren’t many female idols in the entertainment industry with good proportions..? If she stood next to Seolhyun, I think her proportions would be buried

2. [+84, -10] I admit it.. No matter what she wears, her aura is classy

3. [+80, -14] It’s not like you’ll look good in any clothes if you’re tall and thin. Rosé has her own aura and charm, so she looks good no matter what she wears. She has a cute face, but unique and mysterious, so even if she wears basketball clothes, she still looks good

4. [+32, -4] Honestly, there are a lot of skinny idols, but Rosé was chosen because she has natural body lines and aura, plus she’s tall, white and solid, so she looks good no matter what she wears

5. [+31, -6] He has a perfect ant waist and Rosé’s pelvis and body lines are pretty, so she can’t help but look perfect in any clothes..

6. [+27, -3] I agree

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