Female idols who sing well among the 4th generation female idols

Among the 4th generation female idols, which member sings well?

I’m curious

1. Lily, Haewon

2. Lily sings so well

3. NingNing, Winter

4. I immediately think of Lily and Haewon

5. Lily

6. Lily, Haewon, Winter, Huh Yunjin

7. Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon

8. Lily

9. Winter

10. Lily, Haewon, Chaewon, Yunjin, Winter, Suan

11. Lily, Haewon

12. Lily, Winter

13. Lily, Haewon, Kim Chaewon, Huh Yunjin, Winter

14. Lily, Haewon

15. Lily, Haewon, Winter

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yeah I think of NMIXX immediately . Personally I think their bside , Cool is their best song for now ( excluding covers ) that shows their great vocals .


I watched the recording of Dreams Come True and surprised that Winter’s voice is so good and she sang so effortlessly too


She IS really good! While SM seems hell bent on making her do the high notes in their songs, I find that she actually sounds even more beautiful when she sings low to mid register. I loved her parts in ‘Priority’. I feel like her voice is very suited for a drama OST.


Ningning is amazing, but doesn’t get enough recognition because she’s Chinese. Looks, vocals, dance, stage prescence – she’s the total package, and IMO someone who will shine as a soloist. Even her personality is that of someone who was born to be a celebrity.

Atleast it’s nice to see that she has a lot of international fans. She’s talented and charming but keeps it real.

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aespa and Nmixx are definitely the best of all the 4th gen popular groups. I usually stan SM groups from big3 only because I find vocals to be the most important thing. This gen I love Nmixx so much. They have everything I seek for from entertainers. I don’t stan groups based on good songs I like tbh because if I do I would be standing the composers and producers.


you stan a group bc of their company, but dont stan a group based on their music, as if thats not a normal thing?? if you find vocals to be the most important thing, and i do, then kpop isnt for you because vocals isn’t exclusive to SM


Very few big 3/big 4 groups compare to SM vocalists. Most other vocally talented groups are from smaller companies…


Immediately think of Lily and Haewon, Sullyoon can be included too. Ning Ning and Yunjin.

damn yall live like this

if cherry bullet is 4th gen i heard they have a strong main vocalist, same with pink fantasy. i think chuu is pretty good too.


wtf! why nobody mention Jang Wonyoung??? isn’t she’s the main vocal.

Shu Yan

Liz *left the chat *


who cares? it’s not like anybody cares about actual skills anymore lol


Lily, but I was pleasantly surprised by Hae Rin.


i’m sorry to disagree.. haerin’s singing just like liz & yujin they are in the same category idol who can sing but not an amazing/strong vocalist.

there are two members in newjeans who have strong vocal(hanni & danielle).. even hyein sounds better than haerin. imo.


Lily belongs in stray kids. She looks like a stray kid that backpacks everywhere cuz she’s a halfblood.

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