First K-pop solo song to chart in 200 days on Global Apple Music

Jungkook ‘Seven’

Songs by K-pop solo artists on the Apple Music chart

1 Jungkook Seven (200 days)
2 Nayeon Pop (47 days)
3 Jungkook 3D (45 days)
4 Jungkook Left & Right (43 days)
5 Lisa Money (33 days)
6 Jungkook Standing Next to You (29th)
7 Jisoo Flower (20 days)
8 Lisa Lalisa (14 days)
9 Jennie You & Me (13 days)
10 Rosé On The Ground (12 days)

Up to now, Jungkook has released a total of 9 songs on Apple Music
Seven (2nd place)

3D (20th place)
Standing Next To You (24th place)
Left & Right (36th place)
Yes or No (58th place)
Hate You (72nd place)
Dreamers (81st place)
Please Don’t Change (97th place)
Too much (98th place)

1. Wow this is crazy

2. Seven is amazing, the song is good and the singer is good too

3. Jungkook is amazing

4. Wow, it’s been on the Apple Music chart for 200 days!! Daebak

5. As expected from Jungkook

6. I really don’t get tired of listening to Seven. I like this song

7. That song is really good

8. I’m surprised every time I see Jungkook’s record

9. As soon as I saw the title, I thought of Jungkook

10. Jungkook is daebak

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