For BLACKPINK, this might be their last album that will be released

I’m not sure if they’ll renew their contract, but their contract expires next year

And next year, YG also has to spend money on a rookie girl group, so if they don’t promote more now, I don’t think they have much group activities anymore

1. Well.. I watched their interview and looks like their contract will be renewed

2. For real, I totally agree with you because it’s YG

3. YG will lose the title of ‘big agency’ if they don’t have BLACKPINK now, but should they throw away BLACKPINK without creating a new girl group to replace BLACKPINK? BLACKPINK is so popular, like Big Bang, I think YG will treat them well until the end

4. If it’s an album, it’s lucky for the fans, in the worst case, they will disband with a single release

5. The members said that they want to promote as BLACKPINK members until the end~

6. I guess they don’t want to renew their contractㅋㅋ

7. What about Jisoo? I’m looking forward to her solo album

8. What is certain is that YG will go bankrupt if BLACKPINK leaves

9. But does anyone know this..? Just look at the comments, you guys are all expertsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are you someone from the future..?

10. Personally I think they will renew their contract

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